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Fire safety - our policies and procedures to keep you safe

Your safety is our highest priority and we continue to work in partnership with the Fire Service and independent fire safety experts to make sure we keep you safe.

What are we doing?

We are continuing to check that our buildings contain the appropriate fire stopping (compartmentation) measures and where we are carrying out works; our safety warden patrols remain in place to ensure that residents are safe in their homes.

We are visiting residents to make sure we are aware of any issues which might prevent them from safely evacuating their home. During these visits we are also checking all fire safety equipment at the building.

The cladding is being removed and replaced on six of our buildings, including the tower blocks at Gosport and the Bolanachi Building in Bermondsey Spa which has now been completed.

Staying safe

The London Fire Brigade Home fire safety guide (PDF, 2353KB) contains a lot of useful information to help you stay safe at home.

For residents and carers of residents who require specialist healthcare equipment in their home, please also read the London Fire Brigade safety advice for health care products and equipment (PDF, 317KB). This provides useful tips for storing medical equipment and reducing risk.

Each Hyde building has its own fire safety policy which will be clearly displayed in the communal areas. We ask you to familiarise yourself with the policy and follow the directions given.

Stay put policy

  • If a fire starts in your flat, get everyone out, close the door behind you and leave the building. When you are safe, call 999.
  • If a fire starts in a communal area, leave the building using the safest route and call 999.
  • If a fire starts in another flat, stay put unless your flat is being affected by fire or smoke. There is fire protection provided in the building and the floors, walls and doors of each flat.

When you stay put, you reduce the risk of entering a smoky corridor unnecessarily and possibly being overwhelmed by smoke.

Staying put also means firefighters can tackle the fire safely and quickly without being delayed by residents coming down the stairways.

Find out more about stay put on The London Fire Brigade website.

Plan your escape route

Fire safety measures

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are not required in the common areas of blocks of flats.

The main reason for this is that it could be more dangerous for a resident to leave their flat to get the extinguisher and attempt to fight the fire with no training. It is safer to leave the building.

If a fire occurs inside your flat; you should safely evacuate the building via the nearest exit. Do not attempt to tackle the fire.

Extinguishers would only be in schemes where trained staff are on site.

Fire alarms

Fire alarms are serviced regularly by trained, competent specialists. If yours is not working, please contact us and we will have engineers attend as soon as possible.

Sprinkler systems

Unless a building is over 30m in height and newly built, sprinklers are not required in purpose built blocks of flats.