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Thamesmead Estate, SE28

Shared accommodation – from £107 pw

The Thamesmead Scheme offers people who are destitute and in need of accommodation the opportunity to have some form of experience of independent living. This scheme is not limited by age and can be given to anyone single and without dependants who is in need. Please note: the Thamesmead Scheme is not an immediate rehousing scheme, if you are currently homeless please contact your local authority or advice service for assistance.

Please read the full eligibility criteria before you apply, it is different to our usual criteria.

The weekly rent including service charges starts from £107.



  • Description

    How the scheme works

    • When you become a resident within the Thamesmead Estate you are initially entered into a building where you have a room and communally share the bathroom, kitchen and living room with other residents within the building. The weekly rent will include service charges as well as utility expenses.
    • After a year of residing in shared accommodation you can then request an internal transfer, by filling a transfer form and you will be placed onto our waiting list for either a bedsit or 1 bedroom flat providing that you are not in any rent arrears or have any antisocial behaviour claims made against you.
    • Once you have met the criteria, you are placed onto the waiting list, and once a bedsit/1 bedroom flat becomes available you could be offered the place. The bedsit/1 bedroom flat given will be the next step to independent living as you are responsible for your own utilities. Please note that there is no timeframe when you are placed onto the waiting list for you to be given a bedsit/1 bedroom flat.

    Once you live within the Thamesmead Estate, there is no external transfer and should you wish to seek accommodation outside of the estate, then you will need to approach the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council to provide you with support.

    Details of accommodation

    The addresses are:

    • Slocum Close, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8LQ
    • Blyth Road, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8LJ

    The shared houses vary in size from three to six persons sharing. The houses are single sex occupancy. Each resident has a private single room with hot and cold water
    Rooms are provided unfurnished with carpet and built in wardrobe.

    Use of communal facilities including:

    • lounge/dining room
    • kitchen facilities including fridge/freezer, microwave, cooker, washing machine
    • bathroom/shower and toilets

    Please read the full eligibility criteria before you apply, it is different to our usual criteria.


  • Map

  • Apply online

    Please read the eligibility criteria before completing this form. A member of the Lettings team will be in touch to discuss your enquiry.

    Communicating with you

    Our privacy statement sets out how we look after your personal data.

  • Rent and service charges

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