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Fire safety framework

The Hyde Fire Safety Framework (PDF, 973KB) has been developed in conjunction with fire safety and procurement specialists (Frankham, echelon and Pretium) to ensure best practice, assurance and innovation.  It has been designed to be adaptable and capable of meeting diverse and changing needs while covering the full range of specialist fire safety services.

For more information on accessing this framework please email

We are investing significantly in fire safety related works and have created this framework to allow easier access to service providers to deliver fire safety related works.

The Hyde Fire Safety Framework Guide (PDF, 973KB)

The lots awarded under this framework are as follows:

  • Fire doors
  • Fire safety signage
  • Fire alarm, detection and suppression services
  • Emergency lighting
  • Sprinklers
  • Fire proofing and fire stopping
  • Electrical inspection and testing
  • Cladding
  • Incident management and business continuity planning
  • Construction manager 

The main benefits of joining this framework: 

  • Access to the framework is instantaneous.
  • Framework developed by Hyde using expert specialist advice from the fire safety sector including Frankham RMS, BAFE, and FIRAS.
  • The framework is flexible in its offering.
  • Users can make direct awards or undertake mini competitions.
  • No joining fee.
  • Access to specialist lots with direct access to expert contractors and installers.