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Hyde Charitable Trust emergency grants during coronavirus

This year we made the decision to release additional funding to provide emergency support to Hyde residents and communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Our emergency grants were set up to be flexible so that we can support people through the different phases of this crisis. 

Here are just a few examples of how we were able to help our residents throughout the pandemic:

Help staying connected
During a welfare call we identified a resident living in one of our sheltered schemes in Chichester. He had been struggling to stay in touch with his family – especially his elderly mother. The resident also needed some support to contact someone about his Universal Credit (UC). Our specialist adviser was able to provide UC advice and we were able to order the resident a Chromebook computer, a pay as you go WIFI hotspot and a mouse. The resident was really grateful that we were able to help him stay connected and in touch with his loved one. 

Help at home
During the full lockdown period one resident was struggling to cope without her usual assistance from Age UK during the lockdown period. She has health conditions which mean that she’s unable to take her bins out for collection and after being let down by a local church who had offered to help, she was referred to us. We were able to agree that Cleanscapes, our contractors in the local area, would visit the resident and help her out. Cleanscapes have scheduled a weekly visit to this resident to ensure her rubbish goes out in time for her weekly bin collections.

Help with replacing furniture
A young mother and her family had to leave their property after it became infested with pests. Her children’s cot and bed had to be destroyed, after this issue was resolved, but we were able to help to fund replacements and the family were able to return to their home.

Help with food bills
One older resident got in touch as she was struggling to buy food. After speaking to our adviser, we were able to send her some supermarket vouchers and also gave her advice on claiming pension credit to help her access benefits she wasn’t aware she was entitled to. With the extra help and money she was able to afford food and have a little leftover to save. 

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