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Sharing common experiences and good practice

Posted on 04 July 2019

In April, staff and residents from eight housing associations launched an innovative joint working partnership at an event held in Kings Cross, London. 

Forty delegates attended the event to share common experiences and good practice, and to discuss future regulation, including themes from the government’s social housing green paper. Two workshop sessions explored “tackling stigma and celebrating thriving communities” and “empowering residents and strengthening the regulator”. 

All eight housing providers are part of the G15 Group – made up of London’s largest housing associations which represent approximately 415,000 residents across the UK. The residents involved are almost all members of strategic boards and committees with their own housing providers. 

One of the residents who attended the event said: “It was great getting together with other residents from different housing associations and listening to the positives and negatives of living in social housing. I hope future events will look at how we can work in partnership.” 

Discussions within the group are continuing via an online forum we host on our website The OAK; the key priority being how to implement the positive ideas presented at the meeting to benefit social housing residents across the sector.