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Coronavirus and investors

Following recent government guidance, we are only carrying out essential property and resident services during the coronavirus pandemic. 

When any of our staff or contractors visit residents’ homes for an appointment, they will ask beforehand and again at the door if anyone in the property is self-isolating. If they are, we will only attend to emergency situations.

We have an updated risk register to address and mitigate the risks which Hyde faces from coronavirus. We also have detailed business continuity plans for each department which are now in action. This includes ensuring we can maintain services to tenants and protect our staff. Examples of mitigations already in place include a clear set of guidelines on the level of repairs and services that can be offered to our residents depending on resources available, an expansion of our IT network, and substantial levels of fully secured facilities and liquidity which can be drawn if needed.

We continue to monitor the daily updates on coronavirus from government and the NHS as well as the advice from Public Health England.