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Stonebridge Estate, Brent

The Hyde Group's regeneration of the Stonebridge Estate is entering its final phases, with two major developments close to Harlesden station; Remix Helix (previously known as Emerald Gardens and Winchelsea Road/Laurence Avenue, site 27): 

  • 25 Art units
  • 24 Outright sales units
  • 50 Shared Ownership Units
  • 1 commercial unit

Read more about Remix Helix.

We will also be working with Hills on site 29 and 30 which will provide an additional 177 units, these are expected to be completed in 2020.

About the Stonebridge Estate regeneration

Today Stonebridge's towers are gone, replaced by award-winning low-rise housing, interspersed with communal areas, shops, trees and street lights – a committed attempt to design out the previously high levels of crime and deprivation. A Stirling prize-nominated children's centre and a health and community centre are a visual testimony to the area's £225m renaissance. Crime is down dramatically. Today, Stonebridge is regularly held up as a success story when it comes to transforming difficult estates. 

Once complete the scheme will provide a total of 1,850 homes: 1,100 social rent, 100 shared ownership and 650 for sale. In addition, a new community hub has been created providing a new heath centre, café, community centre and retail outlet.