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Monday 8 August
We're very sorry to residents of Morant House and Blair House, Stockwell for the current lack of water.  We're working to connect the supply as quickly as possible.  If you need additional water, please speak to the team on site. 

Foreword from our former Chief Executive Officer

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There is no getting away from the fact that the UK’s housing crisis shows little sign of ending any time soon. More and more people find themselves priced out of the market, living in unsuitable temporary accommodation, having to pay expensive rent to private landlords they can ill-afford and, in the worst cases, becoming homeless.

Meanwhile concern is growing over the safety, decency, and energy efficiency of the UK’s existing homes; with society facing large bills to bring properties up to a safe and modern standard.

Hyde’s social purpose has always been to provide homes for those in our communities that cannot otherwise afford one and this will not change. However, the ways in which we achieve these ambitions has to change, if we are to ‘turn the dial’ and address the severe housing shortage, to give more people a home and help them improve their life chances, to the benefit of society, and the economy, as a whole.

In setting out our strategy for the next 30 years, we are putting a stake in the ground: We want our customers to live in modern, energy-efficient homes, where they do not have to worry about building safety. We also want to provide homes that meet people’s needs in the long term – whether they are just starting out, raising a family, or enjoying a long and peaceful retirement – giving customers greater mobility, so they can live in the most suitable home for them, depending on their stage in life.

Having a long-term strategy demonstrates that we appreciate the scale of the challenges we face, from retrofitting thousands of homes to become zero-carbon and meeting higher building safety standards, to exploring new ways of raising the significant funding needed to continue to build more of the right homes, in the right places.

This plan outlines how we will meet our ambitions over the next five, ten and thirty years. It maps out our journey to becoming a truly customer-driven organisation; and how we will work with government, public and private sector partners and institutional investors to build a genuinely equitable model that helps everyone who needs an affordable home; creating value for customers, communities and society.

Peter Denton, former Chief Executive Officer

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