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Foreword from our CEO  | About Hyde | Our vision, mission and values | Journey to success

Measuring our success

To meet our ambitions, we will focus on the following objectives and measures for success.

By 2020 our annual targets will be:

Objective  Measurement  19/20 
Maximise financial capacity Surplus (ex. Sales) £31m
Deliver easy to use landlord services Repairs satisfaction Upper Quartile G15*
Increase homes in management Homes completed 1500
Have a culture of achievement Staff Engagement Upper Quartile G15*

*G15 represents London’s 15 largest housing associations

To deliver on these objectives we will:

Maximise financial capacity

  • Manage our housing stock, ensuring as many of our homes as possible are occupied every day and redevelop or dispose of those that no longer meet our residents’ needs. Reinvest the proceeds from disposals to increase the number of affordable new homes in management. Seek out stock swaps and acquisitions to improve the scale and effectiveness of our local services.
  • Improve the financial strength of our landlord services to increase business resilience to withstand future economic challenges.
  • Seek opportunities across the business to generate and collect more income ensuring services not only pay for themselves but generate an operating surplus which we can re-invest in homes and services.
  • Work with a range of investors to identify innovative funding solutions to support longer term development/regeneration aspirations and ensure our loan portfolio can deliver competitive future funding deals.

Deliver easy to use landlord services

  • Ensure we collect all the rent and service charge income that is due to us while helping our most vulnerable residents to sustain their tenancies.
  • Continue to modernise our approach to service, including maximising resolution at the first point of contact and designing easy to use digital services, which meet our customers’ expectations.
  • Continue to evolve our operating model, improving productivity and quality by creating specialised, expert teams.
  • Improve the efficiency of our operations, working towards a 40% operating margin for re-investment in homes and services.

Increase homes in management

  • Increase the number of homes in management by identifying growth opportunities, acquisitions, management agreements and through our new-build programme.
  • Lay the foundations for a self-funding development programme to deliver a ten year pipeline of new homes.
  • Work in partnership with local authorities, investors, house builders and others to maximise the number of homes we are able to build. 
  • Manage our risk by building a mix of homes for sub-market rent and shared ownership and homes for sale and private rent.
  • Be recognised as a sector leader with which other organisations want to do business.
  • Maintain the confidence of our regulator and investors..

Have a culture of achievement

  • Enhance Hyde’s reputation as a thought leader to shape thinking and increase influence on policy makers.
  • Have the right people in place, with the right capabilities, who are innovative and passionate. 
  • Make Hyde an employer of choice by embedding a professional attitude, ambition and focus on delivery into our workforce
  • Identify potential and support future leaders.

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