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ForewordAbout Hyde | Our vision, mission and values | Our corporate objectives

Our road to modernisation

We must continue to modernise and transform Hyde to achieve our ambitions.

We want Hyde to be seen as one of the top five leaders in the housing sector by 2020. To do this we will need to generate more revenue and a bigger surplus to reinvest into building more homes. We will need to be more innovative in the way we provide services for residents. We must also attract the best staff by being a great place to work.

If we are to realise our ambition of building as many homes as possible, we need to continue on our journey to transform and modernise. We must ensure we make the most impact from everything we do: our financial decisions; the way we deliver our services; what we expect from our people and the investments we make in systems and technology. We will make continual and sustained change – increasing the speed by which we deliver the benefits of our initiatives.

By the end of the life of this strategic plan we will have outperformed our main competitors, our residents will experience easy to use landlord services and our staff will be proud of our accomplishments.


Although our modernisation programme is central to our success, Hyde seeks to continue to enjoy the highest level of compliance rating from our regulator, the Homes England. We have a strong and well established governance structure that includes independent board members and a sector-leading resident engagement model. We also have established risk, performance management and financial planning frameworks which are overseen by specialist staff.

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