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Service charge and homeownership

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Service charges

Two key projects are helping us to improve the accuracy and transparency of our service charges and to ensure residents receive their service charge information within the agreed timetable.

Service charges project

We reviewed and verified service charge data of 35,000 homes in 2016 and by April 2017 we expect to have finished linking this data with all service chargeable invoices and contracts. It will take a full year’s cycle of service charge accounting for the system to be fully operational. The system will eventually be fully automated, enabling individual service charge accounts to be produced.

Estate Services procurement

New contracts for our Estate Services were awarded in 2016, following an assessment to ensure they met the requirements of all our properties and locations. Residents were involved in procurement, run via local ‘mini competitions’, inputting into the design of the services for their estates/schemes. This process delivered a number of benefits:

  • Competitive pricing - Savings are being passed directly to residents. Some will pay more, some less and some the same, but value for money will improve overall.
  • Reduced number of suppliers - Hyde now works with just seven suppliers, enabling more effective contract management and much improved partner relationships, sharing best practice and maintaining high standards of service.
  • Greater efficiency - From November 2016, the number of invoices for routine cleaning and gardening activity Hyde handles each year will fall from 12,000 to just 70.

Read about the new contracts.

Service charge enquiries 

   Target  Oct 2016 Trend compared to last year’s performance 
Service charge enquiries closed within Service Level Agreement 80% 97%

How the money was spent

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   £'000  %
Staff costs


Cleaning £3,454 15%
Gardens £2,364 10% 
Heating, lighting, power and water £2,849 12%
Equipment, furnishings and furniture £306 1%
Maintenance £4,502 20%
Lift £898 4%
Fire safety systems £84 0.5%
TV aerial


Entry phone £157 1%


£537 2%

Managing agent fees



Hyde management fees

£2,116 9%
Provisions/depreciation £2,136 9%
Total £22,832 100%


It is pleasing to see a continual upward trend in satisfaction with home ownership services.

The homeownership team has been working with residents through the Central Home Owners’ Panel (CHOP). By working with residents on communications, communal area management and service delivery satisfaction has continued to improve.

Read more information about home ownership and the Central Home Owners’ Panel.

Satisfaction information


  2012/13  2013/14   2014/15 2015/16  Latest (December 2016)   Trend compared to last year’s performance
Overall satisfaction with Home Ownership Service 49% 82% 86% 84% 89%
Percentage of correspondence responded to within 10 working days 96% 93% 98% 93% 96%

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