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Estate Services procurement

New contracts for our Estate Services were awarded in 2016, following an assessment to ensure they met the requirements of all our properties and locations. Residents were involved in procurement, run via local ‘mini competitions’, inputting into the design of the services for their estates/schemes. This process delivered a number of benefits:

  • Competitive pricing. Savings are being passed directly to residents. Some will pay more, some less and some the same, but value for money will improve overall.
  • Reduced number of suppliers. We now work with just seven suppliers, enabling more effective contract management and much improved partner relationships, sharing best practice and maintaining high standards of service.
  • Greater efficiency. From November 2016, the number of invoices for routine cleaning and gardening activity we handle each year will fall from 12,000 to just 70.

Read more information on the new contracts.

Satisfaction information

  2012/13   2013/14 2014/15  2015/16  Latest (December)   Trend compared to last year’s performance
Satisfaction with move handling 89% 92% 87% 86% 86%
Satisfaction with property condition at re-let 76% 85% 83% 80% 70%
Estate Services satisfaction 61% 75% 75% 75% 85%
Anti-Social Behaviour satisfaction 66% 67% 67% 71%  61%
Enquiries closed in line with service agreement N/A* N/A* N/A*  N/A*  82.67%  
Satisfaction of Resident Services complaints 38% 35% 23% 23.5% 61.4%

*New performance monitoring category for 2015/16

ASB Service review

Our Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) service was reviewed in 2016, with feedback gathered from residents on their experience of the service. The aim was to provide clear information about what we would do to tackle ASB, how residents could help themselves and to identify other agencies they could contact for help. A new dedicated ASB team is being put in place to deliver the revised service from January 2017. Key achievements included:

  • A revised ASB service, aimed at improving management of resident expectation and satisfaction
  • An simple, effective and consistent ASB process, with clearer definition of what is and is not ASB, while encouraging and empowering residents to play a bigger role in helping to find and work towards a solution (through self-help guides/signposting).

The new ASB Service went live in early 2017. Training in all aspects of ASB case management, including the legal framework, mental health and safeguarding issues, personal safety and effective communication has been given to staff.

Find out more about ASB.

ASB information

ASB Case Type  No. of cases 2015/16 
Arson or attempted arson 8
Assault 51
Drug use/dealing 275
Drunk/rowdy behaviour 73
Gun/knife crime 23
Hate crime 21
Noise nuisance 671
Pet nuisance 103
Sexual offences 11
Threats (of abuse or violence) 46
Harassment/intimidation 549
Group disorder 130
Total 1961

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