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Customer services and complaints

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Customer Services

The performance of both the Customer Services and Complaints teams has continued to improve, following changes in service delivery, namely:

  • Customer services can now be contacted online, via social media or our website
  • A Customer Services team has been set up to focus on online enquires.
  • Setting up a ‘lessons learnt’ group with residents for Property Service’s has helped to increase satisfaction with compliant handling. For September to December 2016 satisfaction with complaints handling reached 100%. Satisfaction with complaint handling in the housing sector does not usually exceed 60%.

Aims for 2017

  • Resolving more than 82.5% of enquiries at the first point of contact
  • Maintain satisfaction with call handling at 87.5% (based on results from insight surveys)
  • Acknowledge letters via email within two working days
  • Respond to emails and website enquiries within four hours
  • Respond to social media enquiries and mobile phone app enquiries within one hour.

Complaints Team

The Complaints Team has reviewed complaints handling, to ensure residents receive the best possible service and to make the service easy to access. Initiatives introduced this year include:

  • Ownership for resolving stage one and two complaints has moved from a centralised resolution team to local service based teams
  • To ensure ownership and accountability, there are now dedicated complaints staff for Property Services, Home Ownership and Resident Services
  • The Corporate Complaints Team continues to coordinate complaints across all other teams. The Corporate Complaints Manager is responsible for reporting, quality assurance and corporate complaints training, to ensure consistency across Hyde
  • Residents have been involved in reviewing closed complaints with complaints staff, to enable continual service improvement

Satisfaction information

   2012/13 2013/14   2014/15 2015/16  December 2016  Trend compared to last year’s performance 
Calls answered within 30 seconds 90% 65% 84% 60% 69%
Satisfaction with call handling 90% 90% 86% 90% 93%

Satisfaction with complaint handling

38% 35% 23% 24% 58%
Stage 1 complaints responded to within target 78% 52% 56% 43% 92%
First time resolution within 2 days (Stage 0) Not Recorded NR NR 47.37% 35.29%

Percentage of Stage 1 escalated to Stage 2

NR NR NR 1.90% 1.56%

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