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Our complaints performance - April to September 2019

Number of complaints

In the six-month period we received 380 complaints. This is 22% lower than in the same period the previous year.

Length of time to respond

It takes us on average 18 working days to respond to complaints. This is about the same time as in 2018.
You may remember we surveyed customers about extending our target response time from 10 to 20 working days. We also made a commitment to keep customers updated during their complaints. The change to a 20 working days target happened in August 2019 when we introduced our new 2-stage process.

Types of complaints and outcomes

Complaint type Percentage of complaints Number
Repairs 69.13% 262
Tenancy 22.43% 85
We carry out around 200,000 repairs each year. The number of repairs complaints we get is a small fraction of this, but they are important because they frustrate and inconvenience our customers. In most repairs complaints it is straightforward for us to see we got something wrong and to apologise for this.
For tenancy complaints, we find we have got something wrong in just over half of cases. We always attempt to explain the reasons why if we are unable to agree we have made a mistake.


  • Overall satisfaction with complaints = 46% (2018/19 result was 56%)
  • Satisfaction with being kept informed = 65%
  • Customer effort = 48%

Our improvement plans

It is a priority for us to improve satisfaction and to respond effectively and promptly to complaints and to put things right when they have gone wrong.
The changes we are making include:
  • A 2-stage process, with better communication
  • A focus on quality checking complaint responses
  • New communication guidelines to make our letters clearer and easier to understand – with meaningful apologies when things go wrong
  • A new system for case management will be introduced in the Spring
  • Better action-tracking to support quicker responses

What we have learned from complaints

Complaints help to tell us about the things we need to improve within our services.
This year we have introduced:
  • Real-time text surveys for repairs – we’ll ask you if you are satisfied within around 90 minutes of your repair taking place
  • A dedicated service charge case management team to respond to enquiries about statements
  • A framework for better management of complex and difficult cases
  • A review of income cases, to make sure we can anticipate customers at risk of arrears and provide the right support at the right time