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Performance figures 2021/22

We work in partnership with our customers to scrutinise and improve our services. Through consultation and surveys, we know people would like to see a little more detail, relating to performance across all our areas. 

We’ve put together some stats around these four key areas:

One of our customer engagement volunteer groups is called Customer Voice. Visit the Customer Voice page to read the minutes from previous meetings, find out how to join a meeting and how you can become a member of Customer Voice.

You can also sign up to The OAK, our online platform that enables customers to take part in discussions and consultations about their services.

Visit our Customer Involvement page to check out all the ways you can take part.

Customer Satisfaction

Overall customer satisfaction with our services in 2021/22 was 82%.

Find out how we measure customer satisfaction.

Managing Homes 

  • 81% satisfaction with repairs service 
  • We invested £19.8m in improving 7,344 homes, including installing new kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows, and roofs
  • 122,000 repairs completed
  • 99.2% of our homes meet the Decent Homes Standard; we’re completing outstanding repairs and investigating reported disrepairs to resolve any issues
  • 73% of our homes are Energy Performance Certificate band C or above

Providing more homes

  • 1,355 homes let to new customers
  • 92% satisfaction with lettings
  • We started building 859 new homes
  • We completed 456 homes

Supporting customers

  • We made 1,979 direct interventions to prevent eviction and homelessness
  • 1,458 customers received financial advice
  • 305 customers received jobs and skills training
  • £3.3m secured towards rent payments on behalf of customers
  • £1.1m awarded in Hyde Charitable Trust grants
  • 68% satisfaction with our ASB service.

Listening to customers

  • 3,744 customers help improve our services
  • 122 customers joined our first online Customers Connect conference
  • Eight customers joined our Building Safety Panel, to help ensure we’re transparent and honest in our communications and engagement
  • We’re implementing the findings of our Resident Inspection Team, which reviewed our Section 20 consultation process, the use of sinking funds and how we handle moving customers out of their homes during major works.

Do you have ideas about any performance information you would like to see published here or how you would like to see it presented? If so, there is an opportunity to influence this. Please email: