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Performance figures 2019/20

We want to provide you with more regular updates about how we’re doing and so we're sharing headlines from our performance from April 2019 to March 2020 and the results of our our most recent, quarterly performance.

We’re working in partnership with resident volunteers who help scrutinise our services. We know people would like to know a little more detail about performance across different areas where we work.  

You can find out how we perform in these three key areas: 

  • Customer care
  • Complaints
  • Repairs and maintenance 

You can read how we measure customer satisfaction.

Do you have ideas about any performance information you would like to see published here or how you would like to see it presented? If so, there is an opportunity to influence this. Please email:

Headlines around our performance from April 2019 – March 2020: 

 Hyde Foundation worked with over 2,080 residents to stop them falling into rent arrears and helped people receive £3m in support and benefits
    We started work building 1,042 homes
    We built 687 new homes
29.1% of homes were built for shared ownership, rent or below market rents
54.0% were happy with the way we handled their complaints
    Over 10,000 shared their feedback on our service 
70.3% were satisfied with the way we handled antisocial behaviour cases  

82.9% were satisfied with our services overall
84.3% were happy with our repairs service
 Hyde Foundation worked with 2,149 young people to reduce antisocial behaviour    

 We completed 5,826 major works in your homes
77.60% were satisfied with what their homes looked like on the day they moved in
     We re-housed 1,561 families in our existing properties

Find out the results of our most recent quarterly performance.