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Boiler leak at Gary Court, Croydon - 17 February 2018

A new pump has been installed at Gary Court and there is now a reduced service available for heating and hot water.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Tracy Allison

Group Director of Transformation and Business Services and Deputy CEO

Tracy leads the Group Directorate of Transformation and Business Services. The group directorate’s remit involves developing and overseeing the implementation of the strategic plan and oversight of cross-organisation change and modernisation projects. It encompasses business strategy and data analytics, people and organisation design, business transformation together with the centralised expertise on risk, governance, procurement and communication, brand and public affairs.

Tracy is a finance director by profession, working for international companies in the manufacturing, retail and logistics sector (including Roquette Freres, Canadian Pacific). She has a track record of delivering business critical projects in complex organisations and working to improve service delivery and business transformation.

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