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Stacey Farrington-Rayson, Resolutions Team Leader in Property Services

If you’re passionate, pro-active and prepared to work hard, Hyde is the place to be - you’ll go far…

Stacey Farrington-Rayson


Stacey Farrington-Rayson knew she wanted to work for Hyde when she heard about the difference it was making to people’s lives and communities.

“At the time, my husband was temping at Hyde and he used to come home and tell me about the good work the organisation was doing. I liked what I was hearing: it wasn’t just another company that built houses and took rent… the fact that it was making a difference really appealed to me.”

Stacey joined Hyde in 2012. “I was temping myself when a position in Hyde’s Customer Service team came up. It made sense to go for the role because I like helping people. I’d previously worked as a complaints manager for a retail company and although I didn’t have qualifications specific to housing, I had specialist skills that I wanted to use to do something worthwhile.”

She was thrilled to secure a permanent position in Hyde’s Customer Service Centre and worked there for 18 months before heading over to Resident Services as a Lead Administrator. “This was my first job line managing a team and a chance to learn more about tenancy issues.”

The next step in Stacey’s career progression at Hyde was being promoted to her current role of Resolutions Team Leader in Property Services. “This has taken me back to what I’m really good at - sorting things out.”

Stacey has learnt plenty in the five years she’s worked at Hyde, especially about herself: “I’m a lot more tenacious than I thought; I’ve had some really big problems to solve and dealt with a number of tough tasks, but I’ve stayed focussed, never given up and got them done. I’m proud of that…”

Stacey’s ‘can-do’ attitude has made her visible, and she first gained recognition with a ‘LOVE Award’ when she started working in Resident Services. Since then she’s gone on to support the enhancement project at HPS, spending two intensive months troubleshooting and embedding new processes in the Operations Centre. Stacey has also represented Hyde at the Institute of Customer Services, contributing to a forum about improving customer service and at regular Resident Panels.

She loves her current role: “It is extremely challenging, but it’s so satisfying when I’m able to resolve a difficult situation or find a permanent solution to an ongoing issue. Fixing problems and being able to make a difference makes me happy.”

A people’s person, she enjoys line managing the seven people in her team: “My team work really, really hard and I think they appreciate being able to make their own decisions. They know I’m supportive of them and that really helps… because the work we’re doing is really high pressure.”

Stacey is proud of the impact the team has made in only 18 months. Satisfaction with Property Services complaints handling is 73% the highest score to date. In addition, there has been a 23 percent reduction in the number of new complaints received in the last 12 months.

“To resolve complaints we have to speak to loads of people around the business about things we may know nothing about. Having a network of experts willing to help is essential. That’s one of the best things about working at Hyde…people are very supportive; they all want a positive outcome.”

She loves working for a company with a continuous drive for improvement and being in a position where she is able to affect change: “When we’ve completed our investigations, we can make recommendations about how processes could be made more efficient so that customer satisfaction can be improved.”

Stacey, who is currently doing her management level 3 NVQ, firmly believes there are plenty of future opportunities at Hyde: “The good thing is that there are so many things you could do and it’s always changing at Hyde. Access to training is really positive: it helps you get into the ideal position for when something comes up.

“I feel that if I ever wanted to do something different, there would be an opportunity if I looked for it. Hyde is a great company to work for; if you’re passionate, pro-active and prepared to work hard, Hyde is the place to be – you’ll go far.”

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