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Bella - work experience week 2017

Monday 10 July

I am in Year 10, and I am going to have one week of work experience with the Communications team at the Hyde Group. During my first day, I have met a lot of the people already and they are very friendly.

I went to two different meetings – the first one was with Strategy and Business Intelligence, and the second one with Human Resources which I found very interesting because I could engage as the meeting was based on social media, and personally I find social media very important.

In the afternoon, I met the Home Ownership team and it was very useful for me to learn about the legal side of housing from Kat, the Home Ownership manager. I was also lucky that I got to walk around Borough Market in my lunch hour.

Tuesday 11 July

Today, I did some user testing for the Hyde Group website so that the public find it easier to find the information that they need. I tested for popular searches from Google, from the search on the Hyde website, and using the A to Z. Most of the results took me to the right page but there were a couple of times where a few changes could be made.

I also learnt about how the new Hyde brand was created, which is interesting for me as I’m studying Graphic Design for GCSE.

Wednesday 12 July

Today, I came to the Hyde office in Chichester. I joined a training session that the Digital Communications team were giving to new web editors, where I learned how to use the content management system to make my own webpage which was fun.

I also learned about the content of webpages and how to reduce unnecessary content in order to make it more user-friendly.

Thursday 13 July

Today I attended the Lambeth Food Flagship event at the Oval cricket ground with Sarah from the Hyde Foundation team. I found it very interesting because I found out about the Mayor of Lambeth's health journey which was quite fun to listen to.

In the afternoon I went to Stockwell with Sophie from the Hyde Foundation, and got to draft some tweets to promote their summer programme and design a poster on a computer - and I really enjoyed it.

Friday 14 July

Today I came to Lewisham and listened in to some Hyde residents calling into customer services, it was very interesting as I had never done that before. Many of the calls I listened to were about rent questions and repairs, and I thought the Customer Services Officer Michelle was very good at helping the residents with their queries.

I also worked on some social media posts for UK Employability Day 2017, and then finished off my work experience diary for the website.

Overall I would personally say that I have had a very fun, yet challenging week with the Hyde Group. I learned lots of new things about social media, graphic design, housing and lots more.

It has made me start to think about my future career choices, and I would recommend the Hyde Group as a work experience choice because there are so many different parts of the business to see, and you will definitely never get bored.

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