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How our work supports stakeholder participation - a governance case study

Customer Voice is a group of volunteer residents who look closely at our performance and help us find ways to improve our services. The group is part of our formal resident governance and co-regulatory structure. Members closely review our performance and find ways to improve our services for everyone.

Jan Durbridge, Chair of Customer Voice and member of the Group Board, explains: 'We need to make sure the customer’s voice is heard. It’s our responsibility to ask questions and challenge on behalf of all Hyde residents.'

Regular communication between Customer Voice and our staff is vital to ensuring that our customer’s perspective is always front of mind. Good communication channels have become even more vital during the Covid pandemic. Customer Voice met digitally with our staff on a weekly basis during each national lockdown, providing valuable feedback on the approach we should take to keep customers updated about the support services available during very challenging times.

As Kathyrn Woodley, a shared owner and member of Customer Voice, says: 'In these circumstances, you can never have too much communication. We had the opportunity to feedback on what was being sent to customers, creating a truly collaborative approach. All of us were experiencing the same difficult situation and everyone was working together to make sure Hyde’s customers had the right information.'

Another way we maintain close connection with our customers is through our Resident Inspection team. Each year the team chooses four different aspects of our services to ‘inspect.’ Following the inspection, the team makes recommendations for improvements and agrees an action plan with the relevant heads of service. Customer Voice then monitor these plans.

Duncan Ingram, Chair of Hyde’s Group Housing Services Board, says initiatives like Customer Voice and Resident Inspection ensure that our customers are able to fully engage with Hyde at board level: 'The spirit of partnership is, and must be, an important part of successful engagement, helping to shape decision making at board level.'

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