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How our work supports sustainable housing - an environmental case study

Addressing fuel poverty

We are working on a fuel-poverty project funded through the Hyde Charitable Trust to provide customers living in hard to heat homes with debt and fuel poverty support. A ‘Switchee’ device will record temperature and humidity in homes to help us identify customers who are experiencing fuel poverty. From this data we will be able to see what measures could be implemented to make the property more energy efficient, and ensure customers are on the right tariff. Initially, homes that have been identified as energy inefficient, and where the customer is in rent arrears of over £2,000, will be offered support.

Energy efficiency investment

Our ongoing stock investment programmes, including upgrading heating systems, windows and doors, deliver significant energy efficiencies for our customers every year. In addition, we secured £2.5m of external funding in 2019 to improve the energy efficiency of nearly 300 fuel-poor homes in Petersfield in Hampshire. The project’s aim was to improve energy efficiency ratings of off-gas grid homes which can often result in fuel poverty. The funding we received allowed us to install new insulation, air source heat pumps and photovoltaic panels.

Landlord utility supplies

As a landlord we manage over 2,000 electricity and gas supplies and this year we have ensured that all suppliers use 100% renewable energies. We review where energy consumption is high and look at what we can do to reduce costs and carbon emissions, to ensure best value for our customers. We appointed Inspired Energy as a new utility management provider in 2020 and saved £227,000 for customers by regularly reviewing billing. We expect savings in 2020-21 to be even higher – so far this year we’ve already saved a further £505,000. 

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