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Providing safe, decent and energy-efficient homes

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We’re committed to ensuring all our homes and communities are ones of which, we, and our customers, can be proud. We manage 48,062 homes and are planning a major programme of work to improve energy efficiency, alongside our five-year programme of cyclical repairs and improvements. And, on top of the £80m we’ve already invested, we plan to invest a further £100m in improving building safety over the next ten years.


  • 81% customer satisfaction with responsive repairs (2020/21: 83%)
  • 99.2% Decent Homes Standard compliance (2020/21: 100%)
  • £16.2m spent on fire safety (2020/21: £12.6m).
  • £19.8m invested in improving our homes (2020/21: £12m)
  • Improvements to 7,344 homes (new kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows, and roofs) (2020/21: 4,355)
  • Keeping customers safe in their homes

    We spent £16.2m on building safety in 2021/22 and since 2017, we’ve spent £80m, including removing dangerous cladding at some of our tallest buildings since Grenfell. This year, we completed the removal and replacement of cladding, and addressed compartmentation issues, at Artesian House, Prospect House and Hicks House in Bermondsey, south east London. All three buildings passed an EWS1 assessment after work was finished.

  • Providing decent homes

    We want all our homes to meet the Decent Homes Standard, but recognise this isn’t always the case. In line with other registered providers, we’ve changed how we report the decency of our homes this year, considering all reported disrepair cases and outstanding repairs. While some reported disrepairs turn out not to be so, they’re still included. This year, 99.2% of our homes met the Decent Homes Standard, with 32 having outstanding repairs and 200 having reported disrepairs at 31 March 2022. We’re completing the outstanding repairs and we’re investigating the disrepairs, so we can resolve any issues.

  • Stock investment

    Five new stock investment contracts went live at the beginning of 2021/22 and, over the course of the year, we invested £19.8m in improving 7,344 homes. Improvements included decoration, replacing bathrooms, kitchens, windows and doors, installing new roofs and carrying out electrical and ‘business as usual’ building safety works.

  • Bringing more property maintenance and repairs in-house

    Property Maintenance, our in-house team serving customers in the south of England, will also start to provide services to our 11,000 homes across London in 2022/23. Services currently provided by our contractor Mears will be transferred to Property Maintenance over the first half of the year, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Our new emergency repairs toolkit

    We launched our new online Emergency Repairs toolkit in October 2021 to help customers understand more about emergency repairs and how to report them. The new toolkit explains what we consider to be an emergency repair, and signposts customers to the right place to get help.

  • Continuing our journey to achieving net zero carbon by 2050

    We’ll publish our Sustainability strategy in 2022, setting ourselves some ambitious targets, as we continue our journey to achieving net zero carbon by 2050. The aim is for us to have less impact on the environment, in terms of the materials and services we buy, water use, pollution and waste.

    It’s essential our customers fully-engage with our plans and we’ll work with them when setting targets around green spaces, biodiversity, energy advice and reducing water use and waste in their homes.