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Delivering our 2050 Strategy: Our progress in 2021-22

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Delivery of the first phase of our strategic plan is guided by our 2020-25 objectives. This year, we engaged with more customers than ever-before, listening to, and working with, them to improve services. We ran our first online customer conference and continued to roll-out our Digital Programme, which will transform our services in the coming years.

We remain committed to managing our homes so they are safe, decent and energy-efficient, introducing new technologies and ways of working. We also continued to rectify building safety issues, spending millions of pounds replacing cladding and fixing other issues.

And, while our development programme continued to be impacted by COVID-19, as well as materials and labour shortages, we’ve got plans in place to build thousands of affordable homes in the coming years.

We also continued to transform our culture, engaging with staff to develop new ways of working and new organisational values. We’ve invested in the training and development of our leaders and managers, to give them the skills and knowledge to lead our evolving, diverse and inclusive organisation.

  • Become a truly customer-driven housing provider
    • We worked with 3,744 of our customers to improve services. We also held our first customer conference
    • We enabled more customers to manage their account using our MyAccount digital service. 10,000 customers registered for MyAccount, with 1,700 users per month
    • More than 3,000 people used our award-winning Universal Credit tool that helps first time claimants
    • We gave financial advice and support to 1,458 customers, making nearly 2,000 interventions preventing evictions and homelessness
    • We began rolling out new processes and IT systems to improve customer services.
  • Ensure all of our homes are safe, decent and energy-efficient
    • We established an in-house disrepairs team to solve long-standing issues faster and more efficiently
    • We invested £19.8m in improving homes, with new kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows, roofs and cyclical works
    • We spent £16.2m on building safety, installing fire alarms, fixing fire stopping and replacing cladding
    • We continued to improve the energy-efficiency of our homes: 73% are now in EPC Band C or higher.
  • Deliver more of the right homes, in the right places
    • We completed 456 homes (including joint ventures) and began building 859 more
    • We secured funding through Homes England and the Greater London Authority to build 4,476 more affordable homes
    • We reviewed our standards to ensure all homes built from 2025 are EPC Band B or above
    • We agreed a new partnership with Chichester District Council to improve stock condition and investment.
  • Have an efficient, high-performing, and customer-driven culture
    • We launched our hybrid working policy, supporting staff to deliver the best outcomes for customers
    • We improved diversity and inclusivity, training staff and changing how we recruit
    • We refreshed our values: We’re customer-driven, inclusive, collaborative and innovative
    • We invested £11m modernising our IT systems, including a new finance system
    • We delivered £11m in efficiency savings, improving value for money for our customers.