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Becoming truly customer-driven

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We want to build trusting relationships with customers, treating them with respect, so we engage in more positive and meaningful ways. We’re committed to listening to customers and acting on what they tell us. We want to inspire them to share their views, so we can deliver services and homes to meet their needs now, and in the future.


  • 82% overall satisfaction with customer services (2020-21: 84%)
  • 1,355 homes let to new customers, with 92% satisfaction (2020/21: 1,432 and 90%)
  • 68% satisfaction with our ASB services (2020-21: 70%)
  • 3,744 customers got involved in helping improve our services
  • 122 customers joined our first Customers Connect conference.
  • Customers with influence

    We worked with Customer Voice, our customer group, on improving communication around service charges, repairs and building safety. Customer Voice also helped choose the new Chair and new Chief Executive Officer. We recruited members to the group to increase its diversity and representation of our customers.

  • Customers Connect conference

    Customers and staff took part in our first Customers Connect conference, held online over two weeks in November 2021. The goal was to give customers the chance to talk to us about their services and for us to promote customer involvement, with sessions on repairs, complaints, service charges and home ownership.

  • Shaping our approach to building safety

    Our Building Safety Panel is made up of eight customer volunteers and staff, and helps ensure customer engagement and communications on building safety issues are transparent and honest. This year, the panel discussed how we’ll manage building safety under the forthcoming Building Safety Bill.

  • Inspecting sinking funds, decants and damp and mould

    In 2021, the Resident Inspection team of involved customers reviewed our formal consultation process, the use of sinking funds (money customers save collectively to pay for future work to their building) and how we manage decants (when we have to move people out of their homes for major works). It also looked at how we tackle damp and mould issues. We’re using this feedback to shape our future approach.

  • Service charges

    This year, we’ve been more open and transparent about service charges, as well as making them more accurate. We’ve pointed out which services had the sharpest increases, explaining why costs have gone up and what we’re doing to try to mitigate further increases.

  • Resolving customers’ complaints

    While customers told us we’re easy to communicate with, too many experienced unacceptable delays in complaints being resolved, which meant satisfaction with complaints handling fell this year to 47% (2020/21: 55%). We’re reviewing our complaint handling approach to ensure we deliver swifter responses and better outcomes.

  • Reviewing how we consult with customers

    We reviewed our formal Section 20 consultation process, so it’s easier for homeowners and tenants who pay service charges to understand. We produced a guide, sent to 32,000 customers, explaining consultation, and why it’s important for them to give us their observations.

  • Helping more people find a home

    We completed 1,355 lets in 2021/22 (2020/21: 1,432) and continued to reduce the average empty home turnaround to 19.8 days (2020/21: 22.9 days). We also enabled 482 mutual exchanges and priority moves (2020/21: 259), giving customers more options to move as their needs change. Customer satisfaction with lettings increased to 92% (2020/21: 90%).

  • Dealing with anti-social behaviour in our communities

    We received 2,638 anti-social behaviour (ASB) reports this year, down from a high of 3,424 in 2020/21, when cases rose by 44% during the coronavirus lockdowns. We continued to deal with the residual effect of the 2020/21 increase, closing more cases this year then ever-before. Customer satisfaction with how we dealt with ASB reduced to 68% (2020/21: 70%).

  • Transforming digital services and our ways of working

    Our Digital Programme will transform our customer services. Customers will be empowered to manage their homes effectively, as well as making us more efficient.

    • MyAccount: We move MyAccount, which enables customers to manage their rent account via their PC or mobile device, onto a new platform. At the year end, 10,000 customers had registered, with an average of 1,700 users per month.
    • TotalMobile Connect (TMC): TMC will bring all our property information together in one place, so we can manage repairs, maintenance and compliance better. Our Gas Servicing team began using TMC in October and next year we’ll roll TMC out to the responsive repairs, empty homes, electrical testing and planned works teams.