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We manage 48,287 homes and our Property team’s focus is to consistently maintain them, along with communal areas and open spaces, to ensure they remain safe, modern and energy-efficient. The Property Services, Asset Management and Safer Homes teams work with our Customer teams to ensure we provide decent homes that meet all regulatory requirements.

2019/20 highlights

    • 84% customer satisfaction with repairs
    • £34m invested in our stock
    • 1,891 home improvements (new kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows)
    • 100% Decent Homes compliant
    • Nine tall buildings had unsafe cladding removed.
  • Keeping our customers safe

    Our Building Safety Taskforce, set up following the Grenfell tragedy in 2017, continued to keep residents safe during 2019/20, carrying out remedial works to our tall buildings, including recladding and compartmentalisation. Nine buildings have had unsafe cladding removed, and we rectified defects in both communal areas and within individual homes. We also completed intrusive surveys of 80 housing schemes considered to be complex, due to a combination of design and/or occupancy type.

  • The Safer Homes team: managing property compliance

    Our building compliance team was reorganised in March 2020 and renamed as the Safer Homes team. This team makes sure we monitor and adhere to improvement programmes in all areas of property compliance, such as lift servicing and inspections, electrical testing, gas and fire safety, water hygiene and asbestos management. This ensures residents are, and feel, safe and secure in their homes.

  • Asset management

    We completed 5,361 stock condition surveys in 2019/20 and in the past five years we have surveyed more than 82% of our homes. This ensures we know their condition and can plan and deliver future investment programmes at the optimal time, to achieve value for money, while ensuring homes remain safe, modern and well-maintained.

  • Common sense investment

    We take a common sense approach to stock investment, based on ‘just on time’ replacement. In other words, we replace building components based on their condition, rather than age, but have clear lifecycles we expect components to last, before they need to be replaced.

  • Improving the energy efficiency of our homes

    In response to the Government’s commitment to make carbon reductions of 80% across the housing sector, all our homes will reach EPC band C by 2030. A large number of our homes already meet this target, but about 10,700 will need to be assessed in more detail to identify suitable improvements.

    We will be developing a new energy efficiency plan in 2020, as part of our new 2050 Strategic Plan, which see us introduce improved energy efficiency and sustainability standards regarding the new homes we build, the existing homes we manage, the ways we use our offices and vehicles and the ways we work.