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Delivering easy to use landlord services

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Easy to use services enable our residents to get on with their lives, without having to worry too much about how they deal with their landlord. We want to provide services that are fit for our residents now, and for those we house in the future, allowing them to do business with us, at a time and in a way that suits them. So, this year, a key area of development was to increase and improve our digital channels, to enable customers to transact with us in new and improved ways.

Our services include keeping homes in good repair, managing tenancies and estates, tackling anti-social behaviour and letting new homes. We also help residents to build skills and get into work, offer money guidance and debt advice and work with local communities to improve neighbourhoods and create opportunities for the people who live there. 

2017-18 highlights

  • Our Empty Homes and Lettings team helped 5,535 people find a new home, with 1,789 homes being let
  • We improved access to online services: the use of digital channels rose to 13%, up from 9% the year before
  • Look Again, our new way of working, will save us about £1.2m a year from 2018-19
  • We continued to make our service charges clearer, easier to understand and more transparent
  • Hyde Foundation brought in £1.2m of financial gains to Hyde and delivered £600,000 of financial gains to residents
  • Our in-house maintenance provider Hyde Property Services achieved customer satisfaction in excess of our 86% target
  • 85.4% of customers were satisfied with repairs.


  • Making it easier and quicker to deliver services

    Look Again, our new way of working which makes it easier and quicker to deliver services to our customers, improved effectiveness, efficiency, value for money and will save about £1.2m a year from 2018-19. A key change was to replace the traditional housing officer role with more specialist roles. This means staff will be better placed to help our customers and manage our homes.

  • The Hyde Foundation

    The Hyde Foundation works with community partners and local authorities to create places where people want to live, by pre-empting and addressing community issues. It provides advice and support to residents who are experiencing financial crisis or ill-health and are in breach of their tenancy obligations. In 2017-18, it:

    • Provided advice to more than 1,716 residents, helping households to avoid eviction
    • Helped 900 people through the Love London Working project, with 223 getting back into work and 228 completing training
    • Delivered youth-related anti-social behaviour projects, benefiting 2,592 young people
    • Involved 358 older people in activities promoting health and wellbeing and reducing isolation
    • Brought in £1.2m of financial gains to Hyde and delivered £600,000 of financial gains to residents
    • Made 148 grant awards to residents and community organisations through the Hyde Charitable Trust. 

    Read the Hyde Foundation impact report (PDF, 3.27MB).

  • Energy efficiency and fuel poverty

    We set a new minimum energy performance standard for our homes to help to reduce residents’ energy bills, in line with fuel poverty legislation, to achieve an EPC band C by 2030 for all fuel-poor homes. 

    By reducing energy bills, we will improve resident comfort and reduce the risk of condensation and mould, which often leads to expensive repair costs. This will also help reduce the risk of rent arrears. 

    We have more than 10,000 homes that do not meet this target and we are working to secure grant investment to help us achieve it. In total, we will receive £2.45m from external sources, including £800,000 from the Warm Homes Fund, £1,145,000 from Southern Gas Networks and a further £505,000 of renewable energy subsidy.

  • Crackdown on criminal gangs

    Our Anti-Social Behaviour team is working with the London Metropolitan Police to break up drug dealing gangs in Stockwell, making our communities safer places to live. Six tenants from the Stockwell Gardens and Studley Estates were recently served with notices seeking possession of their homes. 

    This operation follows on from one targeting drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in both estates in summer 2017. The initiative was led by the Lambeth Borough and Larkhall Safer Neighbourhood teams and involved the Met Police and Hyde staff. We helped drugs worth about £80,000 to be recovered and nine men were convicted of multiple counts of supplying Class A drugs.

  • Fire safety

    Our Fire Safety Review Taskforce was set up following the tragic events of Grenfell in June 2017, to ensure the high rise blocks we provide for our residents are safe, with a focus on our 105 buildings more than six storeys high. Alongside our statutory responsibilities to undertake fire risk assessments on all our buildings, this has involved:

    • Identifying the type of cladding used on these buildings, where fitted
    • Carrying out targeted inspections and testing on all cladding, not just aluminium composite material
    • Replacing cladding systems on the Bolanachi Building in Bermondsey Spa and on five blocks in Gosport
    • Undertaking detailed fire risk assessments, involving inspection of communal areas and some homes, to check and rectify fire-stopping issues
    • Carrying out tenancy audits to establish who is living in our homes and if anyone in the household is vulnerable
    • Visiting residents to ensure we are aware of any issues which might prevent them from safely evacuating their home. During these visits we also check all fire safety equipment
    • Setting up waking watch fire safety patrols to ensure residents are safe in buildings considered to be high risk
    • Monitoring buildings where we have a leasehold interest but are not the freeholder, including New Capital Quay in Greenwich
    • Communicating with residents to reassure them and to keep them updated with planned and ongoing works. 

    We are committed to spending £6.5m on fire safety work during 2018-19 and we are prudently budgeting for an estimated total cost of up to £50m, with work expected to continue into 2019-20.