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Delivering quality services

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Our key aim is to provide simple, easy to use landlord services for all our customers. This year, we have worked hard to improve customer satisfaction and sustain rental income against the background of Welfare Reform, while continuing to modernise services and improve efficiency.

Over the past year, we:

  • Launched an online self-help anti-social behaviour toolkit, cutting the number of reported cases by 25%
  • Reduced the time homes are left empty, saving £1.4m
  • Implemented cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts, benefiting more than 90,000 residents
  • Increased online customer transactions to 13%
  • Delivered an intensive housing management service for 21 sheltered housing schemes
  • Relaunched our social and economic investment team, the Hyde Foundation, saving £500k
  • Achieved customer satisfaction with repairs of 85.4%
  • Delivered a Price per Property pilot scheme for repairs in 7,000 homes, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Invested £38m in improving 800 kitchens, 600 bathrooms and 1,000 heating and hot water systems.
  • Modernising our services

    We have introduced simpler ways of working, making it easier for customers to use our services and making better use of existing technology. Highlights from 2016/17 include:

    • A new online self-help Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) toolkit that defines what is, and is not, ASB (plus the limits of our responsibilities). It acts as a first port of call for staff and residents. Since the toolkit was launched, the number of reported ASB cases has fallen by 25%, enabling us to focus on the most serious incidents
    • A successful pilot of a new approach to tenancy and property management, which separates  the two services, making us clearer and more consistent in resolving issues. This will be rolled out to rest of the business in 2017.
  • Cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts

    We worked with our Resident Procurement Panel to ensure new grounds maintenance and cleaning contracts met residents’ needs. More than 90,000 residents will benefit, saving an average of 15% on their service charges, with an improved standard of service.

  • Self-Serve

    We continued to build systems to enable customers carry out key transactions online as part of our Self-Serve initiative, giving them more control and improving our efficiency: the use of digital channels rose to 13% last year, up from 9% the year before.

  • Income

    Our Income team introduced more efficient ways of working – helped by new mobile access to systems – and a streamlined income recovery. We sustained income collection in the context of rising pressures on residents’ incomes.

  • Intensive housing management

    We introduced an intensive housing management service at 21 sheltered housing schemes. Scheme Officers now manage communal areas and are more focused on the wellbeing of residents, helping them contact other agencies for support.

  • Social value

    We relaunched Hyde Plus, our social and economic investment team, last year, saving £500k. Now known as the Hyde Foundation, it has two clear missions: to work with vulnerable people to help them sustain their tenancies and to pre-empt wider community issues – addressing them before they become a problem. In 2016/17 the Foundation:

    • Provided financial advice to more than 700 residents, reducing rent arrears by £255k and securing £81k by preventing ten evictions
    • Engaged with nearly 1,200 young people, creating £795k in social value
    • Helped 229 unemployed and inactive Londoners through the Love London Working project, getting 61 of them back to work
    • Provided £197k in grants to residents and partners through the Hyde Charitable Trust, including the new Community Anchor Fund.

    Read the Hyde Foundation impact report.

  • Repairs

    Our focus has been on continuing to build robust and productive contractor relationships; to introduce better monitoring and improve key aspects of the customer experience (including appointments and the management of follow-on works). Customer satisfaction with repairs was 85.4%, equalling the best of our peers, according to HouseMark benchmarking.

  • Price per Property

    The Price per Property pilot ran across 7,000 homes in south east London. This involved our contractors charging us a fixed price for each rented home, covering the cost of all day-to-day repairs. The aim is to improve our certainty around our repairs costs and to encourage our contractors to provide a ‘right first time’ service.

    The pilot was a success, with both contractor performance and customer satisfaction higher in the pilot area than others. We plan to roll out the approach to other areas in 2017/18.

  • Hyde Property Services

    We continued with the transformation and modernisation of our direct labour organisation, Hyde Property Services (HPS) in 2016/17.

    HPS remained our top performing maintenance provider, achieving customer satisfaction in excess of our 86% target, but there is more to do. We will continue to focus on improving call handling and supply chain management; on driving staff engagement; on bringing more repairs work in-house and will be investing further in our fleet.

  • Stock investment

    We invested £38m in improving 800 kitchens, 600 bathrooms and 1,000 heating and hot water systems, saving £4.1m by only replacing building elements when they were needed (rather than a planned programme of work).