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Water supply at Gladstone House SE10 - Friday 21 September 2018

There is currently no water supply at Gladstone House, SE10. We are investigating the issue and apologise for the inconvenience. 

Please remember you can raise any non-emergency enquiry via our online contact us forms.


Welcome | Our financial results | Delivering quality services | Building more homes


We continued our efforts to reduce waste and inefficiency in services last year, re-investing the money we saved in services and building new homes. Over the past year we:

  • Delivered £12.65m by disposing of empty properties beyond economical repair
  • Saved £5.4m by re-procuring contracts
  • Saved £4.1m through a common sense approach to stock investment
  • Reduced the number of local authority areas in which we operate from 74 to 62
  • Reduced the cost of offices and facilities management by 6%
  • Expanded our legal team to bring more work in-house, saving £1m.


  • Making the most of our assets

    In 2016/17 we:

    • Disposed of 41 properties that were uneconomical to repair, generating £12.65m
    • Saved £4.1m by only replacing building elements such as kitchens and bathrooms when they were needed (rather than a planned programme of work)
    • Maintained 100% of our stock at Decent Homes Standard.
  • Procurement

    In 2016/17 we:

    • Saved more than £5.4m by re-tendering contracts, including estates services, insurance, internal audit and furniture and white goods suppliers
    • Reduced the number of suppliers by 1,300, improving efficiency and allowing us to secure volume discounts, while maintaining quality and consistency of service
    • Sold access to our OJEU-compliant procurement frameworks to help 13 social housing providers build 1,400 new homes.
  • Stock rationalisation

    This, the second year of our three year stock rationalisation programme, saw us:

    • Reduce the number of local authority areas in which we operate from 74 to 62
    • Increase the average number of homes in each local authority area from 627 to 752

    Increase our stock by 205 homes and increase revenue by £1.35m.