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Building more homes

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We aim to help increase the supply of homes of all tenures and ease housing pressures, developing more homes for sale and private rent to subsidise the development of affordable homes. Over the past year we:

  • Delivered 730 homes
  • Established a Modern Methods of Construction framework
  • Completed our construction management pilot that reduces costs by 10%
  • Saved £11m by improving design and buildability
  • Maximised the development opportunities from our homes and land
  • Launched our local authority partnering offer.


  • Building homes

    We built 730 homes in 2015/16: 198 in Kent, 165 in London and 367 in the South Region. We sold 104 outright sale homes and 265 shared ownership homes, generating surpluses of £14.6m and £11.2m respectively. We also started construction of 41 units in Brighton, continuing our Private Rented Sector offer.

  • Modern Methods of Construction

    We continued to explore Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), which uses modular building components manufactured off site.

    As part of the Construction Partners Framework, we created a specific lot for companies that specialise in providing MMC solutions. So far, we have identified two sites suitable for MMC and we will be monitoring performance against traditional methods of construction, with a view to shortening construction periods, improving build quality, reducing defects and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Construction management

    The construction management pilot at Prinstead Court, Chichester was finished and is on target to deliver a minimum 10% saving on construction costs. Construction management uses Hyde staff to oversee development, instead of paying for a main contractor. We will be widening the pilot to deliver a further five sites in 2016/17.


  • Design and Quality Panel

    Hyde’s Design and Quality Panel assesses all new developments to minimise costs and maximise value. During 2015/16, we saved £11m on our development programme through improving design and buildability, enough to pay for at least 60 new homes. Examples include creating private gardens and, where possible, reducing common space, improving communal lighting and standardisation of kitchen units and window sizes and styles.

  • MORE

    The MORE (Managing Our Resources Effectively) programme continued to explore opportunities for ensuring we are making the most of our homes and land. In 2015/16 planning permission was granted for 118 properties and a further 41 are expected to achieve planning early in 2016/17. Work has also begun on a regeneration scheme on an existing estate with the potential to create 160 new homes.

  • Sales and marketing

    We carried out an efficiency review of our Sales and Marketing team, comparing our cost base with similar providers in the public and private sectors. This found that the current arrangements are more cost-effective than outsourcing (by at least £250k) and we are well-positioned to meet increased sales volume and deliver a range of services to help people into home ownership at different price points.

  • Working with local authorities

    We launched our Local Authority Offer document, offering a range of sales services to local authority partners. We have already received expressions of interest from local authorities who want to use our expertise to market their homes for sale and use our resale and staircasing service.

  • Customer satisfaction

    In response to the Leverhulme Report (a research project exploring shared owners’ experiences in London and the South East), we commissioned our own shared owner customer satisfaction survey last year.

    Overall feedback was positive and the implementation of our Customer Relation Management (CRM) tool will enable us to track our customer journey and sales progression, bringing improved customer satisfaction and drive optimisation of sales and marketing efficiency. We launched Second Steps (Do It Yourself Shared Ownership) in April 2016 to help those shared owners who wish to move but are unable to do so on the open market.

    For 2016/17 we have also switched from In-house satisfaction surveys to NHBC, with the objective of achieving a creditable house builder rating. This will be used to benchmark Hyde’s customer satisfaction against other house builders.

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