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Selfie challenge

Help us celebrate our 50th birthday with a #myfrontdoor selfie  

As part of our 50th birthday celebrations, we have launched a selfie challenge to symbolise how important it is to have a front door (home) of your own.

Selfie of the week  

This week’s photo features a very happy Lambeth resident with Keepmoat Resident Liaison Officer, Kai. 

Tweet us @hydehousing using the hashtags #myfrontdoor #Hyde50 and tag your friends and family to join in the fun.

#myfrontdoor selfies - image gallery 

See who's already joined the #myfrontdoor selfie challenge. Can you spot any familiar faces in our image gallery?

ibs 3 - safe.JPG
Baily Garner safe.jpg
keepmoat4 (2).JPG
Keepmoat5 (2).JPG
Keepmoat1 safe.jpg
Keepmoat2 safe.JPG
GCS compliance safe.jpg
TBrown safe.jpg
Jon Willis safe.jpg
T Brown 2 safe.jpg
Kirstie's son.jpg
Jackie Matuvo selfie.jpg
Emilija selfie.jpg
CCHQ selfie.jpg
Sabina - safe.jpg
Ed Holman - safe.jpg
Maxi Jazz safe new.jpg
Aman Vaja safe.jpg
Surveyor Paul safe new.jpg
Alison Everett safe new.jpg
Chris Irons safe new.jpg
Olga T safe new.jpg
Steven Flexigrant safe new.jpg
Ross Anglian safe new.jpg
Paul Gavin safe new.jpg
Marc Jeffrey safe new.jpg
Joel and Arthur selfie
Darren French selfie
Geoff Spencer selfie
Jackie Prime selfie
Joelle Laws selfie
Nuri selfie
Linda Studd selfie
Janahara selfie
Atinuke selfie
Gary Saych selfie
Jane Jacobs selfie (1)
Shola selfie
Luke Mackie selfie
Otis Roberts selfie
Kasey Myers selfie
Darren selfie
Evelina selfie
Eugene Dwaah selfie
Ben Oomph selfie
Maud Adams selfie
Simon Petar selfie
Katie Ford selfie
Stephen Fielding selfie
Sofia selfie
Emma M selfie
Usman selfie
Ibrahim selfie
Damian Flexigrant selfie
Emma T  selfie
Gareth Flexigrant selfie
Nicole Flexigrant selfie
Cordner Flexigrant selfie
Gary Flexigrant selfie
Gill Butler selfie
Joseph Clark selfie
Steve T selfie
Sarah Willis selfie
Genius bear selfie
Jackie Turkington - selfie
Shana Pezaro - selfie
Keith Turkington- selfie
Carol Carter selfie
Julie Seeley selfie
Daniel selfie
David Mitchell selfie
elaine selfie
Melanie Mitchell
Susan selfie
Steve Aleppo selfie
Gaby selfie
Holly Ridley-moy selfie
Graham selfie
Ruth selfie
Kate selfie
Dominic selfie
Di selfie
Tom selfie
Carol Jones selfie
Tanya and Bob selfie


Join the selfie challenge   

All you need to do is take a selfie outside a front door (landscape pictures work best), or use an old picture where you are standing outside a front door, and tell us what it means to you. 

 Here are some of our favourites: 

  • #myfrontdoor is the start of half of my journeys, and the end of the other half #hyde50
  • Behind #myfrontdoor live three assertive ladies,  a jumble of shoes, bags and coats, and oodles of music and laughter. It's delicious happy chaos - I feel lucky to call it home.
  • #myfrontdoor is the doorway to my space. I can do whatever I like in my space. It's mine. I can sleep, eat, entertain, be alone, be messy, whatever.
  • Behind #myfrontdoor is where I spend time with my family and friends. Sharing the good times!
  • Behind #myfrontdoor is my oasis of calm! 
  • Behind #myfrontdoor is the love from my family.  

Tweet us @hydehousing using the hashtags #myfrontdoor #Hyde50 and tag your friends and family to join in the fun.

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