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Coronavirus - information for our customers

Last updated 21 September 2020

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Many of our services are beginning to get back to normal as the Government continues to ease lockdown restrictions in most of the country.

Our main focus continues to be on keeping our customers and staff as safe as possible, which means that some services, and the ways in which we do things or contact you, will be different for the time being. More details can be found on these pages, which include lots of useful information and links to where you can get further support and advice.

We understand these are still worrying and deeply unsettling times and we are here to help. Please contact us if you need help or support.

Obviously, we will have to respond to any local lockdowns and any wider restrictions imposed in the future and will update these pages accordingly, so please do check back regularly.

Hear from our staff on how they have adapted to working during coronavirus.

Your rent and payments 

Please tell us as soon as possible if you're having difficulty paying your rent, or if your financial situation has changed as a result of coronavirus. 

Find out more about the financial support that is available.

Repairs and services to our customers

Repairs and maintenance services were restricted to essential repairs during the lockdown but are now largely back to normal, so please report repairs using our online forms or call us on 0800 3 282 282.

We will still be contacting you before appointments and operatives will ask if anyone is shielding or self-isolating before they enter your home. In these cases, we are only able to carry out emergency repairs. If you need to cancel an appointment because you are shielding or self-isolating, please call us as soon as possible, on 0800 3 282 282.

If after we’ve visited your home you start displaying coronavirus symptoms, please let us know as quickly as you can.

Find out the latest updates to our repairs and maintenance services.

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Property and resident services

Our property and resident services are getting back to normal, as contractors bring staff back to work and lockdown restrictions ease. Modern technology enabled our teams to work from home and some of our staff, including estate managers, security guards and caretakers, were classed as essential workers, which meant we could provide most services.

Find out the latest updates to our repairs and maintenance services.

Supporting vulnerable, elderly and at-risk customers

There is extra help and support available for at-risk people, and our teams will be able to advise you what support is available, and how to access it. Details can be found on our How to get help  and Coronavirus FAQs pages.

We are starting to open up facilities in our sheltered and supported schemes. Find out more on our sheltered and supported housing page.

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Social distancing guidance

While social distancing guidelines are being relaxed in some situations, we would be very grateful if you could still maintain a safe distance from our staff, particularly if they have to enter your home to carry out an inspection or repair. We have special procedures if you are shielding or self-isolating.

Legal proceedings

The court is increasing the number of hearings that are heard using video, phone and other technology. You will be notified by the court of the hearing date and whether the hearing will take place by video or phone. Full guidance on how to join telephone and video hearings can be found on the website, We have also shared some further advice, check out advice on how to join phone and video court hearings.

Alternatively, if you have been asked to attend a hearing in person at a court building,  you can find guidance to help you prepare for your visit on the website.

The government has published guidance for landlords and tenants in the social rented sector that deals specifically with measures relating to notices of seeking possession, court action, health and safety obligations, repairs and inspections.

A guide on understanding the possession action process for social rent tenants has also been published to assist you when you have been served with a notice of seeking possession and to provide detailed information about each stage of court action.

Further information about coronavirus (Covid 19)

How to get in touch

If you need any further information or support, please contact us.

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