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Social media - our residents' charter

Find out how you can contact us via social media.

We want Hyde’s social media pages to be places where everybody has an equal opportunity to express their comments and opinions and share advice freely.  We aim to reflect a wide range of interests for the benefit of all of our users and we  encourage everyone to engage with us in a constructive manner.

To ensure that our social media pages remain a safe and inclusive place for all, we have a few house rules which we ask everyone to adhere to.

  1. We want to maintain an online community which is constructive, helpful and benefits all our residents. Please be respectful of other people’s opinions.
  2. Try to keep comments relevant to the original topic. Off-topic comments may be removed so we can keep discussions focused for all of our users. For example; If your comment is a repair request, posting within another user’s update may mean it is missed.
  3. Always treat others as you would like to be treated. Be polite, even if you disagree. Abusive language, aggression and bullying are not allowed (whether you’re speaking to other users or Hyde), and any derogatory comments made about residents' or employees' gender, ethnicity or other protected characteristic under the Equality Act will not be tolerated. Offensive or distressing content is also banned. Please note that any Facebook post containing foul language is automatically deleted by our social media risk management software. 
  4. We will try to help you with any queries, but we will never ask you to post identifying information publically. In a situation where this is required, we may ask you to send us a private message.
  5. Our social media pages are publically available so please do not post any personal information, such as your address, phone number or bank details. To safeguard the privacy of individuals, we will remove any personally identifying information from public view.
  6. Due to data protection, it is not always appropriate for us to give public replies to questions concerning an individual’s personal situation on social media. In these situations we will need to take the discussion offline.
  7. We’re very happy for you to share your opinions on Hyde’s service via our public timeline, but ask that any criticisms remain constructive and focus on a subject we can act on or respond to.
  8. Repeated duplicate postings (spam) by the same user or groups will be removed as they clutter up discussions for other users.
  9. Comments subject to legal issues (slander, defamation, contempt of court), or publicising / encouraging / endorsing illegal activity, will need to be removed.
  10. Our Facebook page is designed for users to discuss subjects relating to Hyde. Content with overt religious or political bias intended to incite others will be removed. This includes excessive lobbying over a particular subject.
  11. We want to encourage a two-way dialogue, so we ask that you give us the ability to respond to all comments. Note that if your posts contain false or unverified claims we ask you allow us to correct these. If you continue to post false claims, then these will be removed.
  12. We encourage users to post links to any website where the content is relevant to our users’ interests, subject to our team checking content. However we may need to remove these if we cannot guarantee the content of those sites is suitable for our wider audience.
  13. Hyde retains the right to remove content posted to Facebook or block users from posting to our social pages for any other reason deemed necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our online community.
  14. Our social media accounts are monitored from 9-5pm Monday to Friday and we aim to respond to all initial enquiries within 24 hours.