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Community centres review

The Hub and The Pavilion (Brent) – update December 2017

This information is for Hyde residents in Brent, users and user groups of the Pavilion and The Hub and local community organisations

Background information

In 2016 we started a review of our community centres. We looked at ways in which our community centres could continue to provide vital services to local people, whilst reducing costs so that we can build more homes.

Our consultation on the review ended in December 2016. At the end of the consultation a decision was taken that The Hub and the Pavilion would continue to be managed by Hyde Plus (now the Hyde Foundation) for the immediate future.

At the same time we said we would explore options to reduce our costs by identifying alternative management arrangements for the future with a view to having a permanent arrangement in place for both centres by April 2018.

What has happened since the end of the consultation?

We have successfully handed over the management of four of our London community centres which are providing vibrant services to local communities under new management. We have learnt much from this process and we are pleased with the outcome and new leaseholders that we have in place.

What about plans for the Hub and the Pavilion?

We have been working to source alternative permanent management arrangements for the Hub and the Pavilion to be in place by April 2018. We would like to have similar arrangements to the ones that we have in the four centres that are now under new management. Throughout this process we will continue to work with local residents and our current user groups.

We are communicating with our residents, funders and stakeholders, including local MPs and Councillors, to make sure that we are working together towards a successful transition. Interviews have now taken place for new lessees for the Hub and the Pavilion. An update on the successful applicants will follow shortly.

What do these plans mean for current services operating at the Hub and the Pavilion?

The centres WILL NOT CLOSE and we aim to have a smooth transition to a new management. We are committed to minimising any changes to services and endeavour to ensure that current services will not be disrupted. Any new organisation taking over the management of the centres will be obligated through their lease agreement to continue to honour providing space for groups currently using the Hub and the Pavilion.

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