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Coade Court - building safety

We’ll be posting the latest news for Coade Court, Stockwell customers here, so please bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the work we’re doing to keep everyone safe.

Latest update - 15 June 2022

Works are being done to some fire doors, after recommendations were made in the Type 1 FRA. These are minor adjustments – unrelated to the S20 notices you’ve received. No doors have been replaced. Any doors that are replaced will be done with the same process and usual consultations.

The access control works are in response to feedback and requests from residents and the Stockwell Safer Neighbourhood Panel acting on behalf of residents for Coade Court.

The existing system allows for fobs to be cloned and used; the new system will prevent this. The fireman switches are not working properly: when the fireman switch is activated, all doors open. This has led to the security of the building being compromised, and items being stolen. The current system does not allow for any database management, meaning we don’t know when the system has been used or how often.  

The new system will prevent access to the building by anyone that shouldn’t have and will improve the security for all residents. The improvement to the system has been designed to use as much of the current system as possible, therefore keeping costs down.

Once the consultation period for the access control works has ended and all questions and concerns have been answered, our delivery team will schedule the works and make sure that all residents still have access to the building and their homes. Arrangements will then be made to make sure everyone receives their new fobs securely.

We’re sorry for any confusion the Section 20 notices cause. Please note that we’re doing everything we can to recover these costs from third parties (including any responsible contractors), from government funding or from any other available source, rather than from our customers. The Section 20 notices have been sent out as a matter of process and because of our legal obligation. 

Previous intrusive surveys

The Type 4 survey that was done in early 2021 was closer to a ‘findings report’ rather than what we’d expect from a Type 4 survey. It simply didn’t have the detail and clear recommendations expected from an intrusive survey. It didn’t give the guidance we need from a Type 4 report and so we had to get new Fire Engineers. Residents will NOT be charged for these surveys.

Project meeting update

We planned for the next meeting to be one month from our last call. However, because we’re still doing consultations for the Section 20’s, the meeting may be more useful at the end of consultation period as we can then discuss what has been agreed.

Consultation periods for these notices are scheduled to end on 21 June (FRA works) and 27 June (access system). However, we are prepared to meet prior to these dates if residents would prefer that.

Questions and answers from the Coade Court project meeting held on 17 May 2022 (PDF, 70KB)

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