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Finance and Resources

Rod Holdsworth is our Chief Financial and Resources Officer.  His directorate looks after the development and implementation of our strategic plan, and runs organisational change and modernisation projects across the Group. It also includes the teams that support our employees and keep the business cogs turning such as Facilities; Procurement; HR; Communications; Risk, Audit and Compliance and Legal Services.

Project and Transformation

The Transformation team manage all major projects within Hyde. From obtaining approval and funding for a new project through to business analysis, project management support and implementation. The team is also responsible for planning Hyde's project pipeline in line with the Corporate Strategy and ensuring all projects are governed effectively.


With offices all over the country, our Facilities team has its work cut out. Together, our professionals manage all our facilities, keep them ship-shape and handle the associated contracts. Many Facilities jobs are based within our local offices including Post Room staff, Receptionists, Facilities Managers and Team Leaders.


This is where we buy goods and negotiate contracts for the group – everything from stationery and general supplies to building materials and key services. Find out more about our award-winning Procurement team.

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Internally, the Communications team is all about engaging and connecting with our employees  - whether that's through events, campaigns, the intranet, regular briefings or the staff conference.

In the outside world, the team is responsible for maintaining and building Hyde's reputation. They do this by raising the profile of our work and by influencing local and national government policy to our benefit. The team also manages all of our websites and social media channels. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) supports the rest of Hyde in delivering its services, to providing support and expert advice on all aspects of people management - everything from training and pensions, to policy and high-level strategy.

In this team, you’ll find a whole host of generalist and specialist HR professionals working to recruit, support and develop our 1,200 staff. These include HR Advisors, HR Administrators, Reward Specialists, Organisation Development Specialists, Transactional Team Leaders, Contact Advisors and HR Business Partners.

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Risk, Audit and Compliance

The teams under Risk, Audit and Compliance carry out audits, inspections and reviews to make sure we stay on track and don’t put the business at risk. They are the lead contact with Homes England (our regulator) and support how we respond to national regulatory requirements. They also coordinate and deliver internal audits, service promise inspections and regulatory reviews. They are often out and about visiting estates or local offices with teams of staff and resident inspectors promoting the findings of good practice and any improvement plans to our staff and residents.


We look after the policies for the business, from landlord services, to health and safety to finance. Making sure that we’re doing things right – delivering a quality service to our customers and providing great homes.

Company Secretary and Legal Services

The Company Secretariat makes sure that Hyde’s governance arrangements comply with relevant law and regulation, and is a point of communication with our board and committee members. 

Our in-house Legal Services team plays a key role in protecting residents and staff, ensuring we take a consistent approach to legal matters. They provide legal advice on all aspects of housing law and tenancy management.

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