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Vicki Sanderson, Head of Responsive Repairs

“It’s very telling that we have an Executive Management Team that is so committed to developing their managers.”

Vicki Sanderson, Head of Responsive Repairs

Vicki Sanderson 

When Vicki Sanderson joined Hyde as a temp 11 years ago, she could never have imagined that one day she’d be a senior member of staff, heading up a team of 150.

As Head of Responsive Repairs, Vicki is responsible for a diverse team that covers a range of services including complaints, performing reporting, voids, legal disrepair and responsive repairs. This varied workload is exactly how Vicki likes it.

“I love that no two days are ever the same,” says Vicki. “We’re an agile team that gets on with it. And I’m proud to say that our performance is the best it’s ever been at Hyde.” 

Vicki loves the challenges of her current role, but her career at Hyde hasn’t always been in Property Services. Starting out as a temp, delivering a support service to teenage parents, Vicki was made a permanent employee 10 months into her 12 month contract. Since then she has fulfilled nine different job roles, gaining career experience across the business in HR, Customer Services and Property Services. 

For 18 months Vicki headed up our Chichester Customer Service Centre, before taking charge of both Chichester and Lewisham sites for a further six months. Vicki is grateful for the chance to move around. “Working in Customer Service was a real eye-opener – you have to know a little bit about everything,” explains Vicki. “It was a great learning experience and gave me a deeper insight into the business overall.”

Over the years Vicki has received plenty of professional and leadership training and is currently being mentored by Tracy Allison, Group Director of Transformation and Business Services and Deputy Chief Executive. “It’s very telling that we have an Executive Management Team that is so committed to developing their managers,” says Vicki.

Vicki has also enjoyed the benefits of external coaching and has been involved in numerous special projects. “Hyde has given me the opportunity to do so much. I feel valued and, I must say, I am very loyal to Hyde”.

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