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Wendy Pruce, HR Business Partner

“I’m really proud that I’ve been able to make a career change later in life, and Hyde have certainly helped me to achieve that.”

Wendy Pruce, HR Business Partner

Wendy started her career in HR and at Hyde a bit later in life, but despite being (in her words) “the oldest HR Assistant in town”, she was able to move up through the ranks and develop a successful career at Hyde.

Joining Hyde in 2003, Wendy’s manager at the time soon saw her potential. “When I started as a HR Assistant, I hadn’t been an assistant in about 20 years!” explained Wendy. “On the first day my manager told me I had what it takes to become an HR Advisor.”

After completing her HR qualifications while working as an HR Assistant, Wendy soon gained the skills and experience needed to move up to an HR Advisor role, but she didn’t stop there.

“I tried to get through to the next level and become an HR Business Partner a few times but failed for whatever reason and had almost started to accept that,” explained Wendy. “But then a colleague really encouraged me, and when the HR Business Partner Trainee role came available that was the stepping stone I needed to get myself to the next level.”

For a year Wendy fulfilled the trainee role which provided her with coaching, workplace shadowing and a qualification in strategic consulting. In 2014 she was ready and became a HR Business Partner.

“I’m really proud that I’ve been able to make a career change later in life, and Hyde has certainly helped me to achieve that” said Wendy. “People really took an interest in me here and gave me the opportunities I needed to progress.”

As an HR Business Partner, Wendy is able to work with other teams from around the business and provide support in all things HR on a strategic level.

“My job means I have to work with a lot of different teams and I always feel very welcome,” said Wendy. “Everyone says it, but it’s true – the best thing about working here is the people! There’s a purpose to working here and I feel most people at Hyde get that.”