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Sashelle Manzambi, HR Advisor

I’ve grown up with Hyde, it’s helped raise me. That’s what it feels like. And I love my team; it’s like my family that wants the best for me.

Sashelle Manzambi


HR Advisor, Sashelle Manzambi, is nothing if not tenacious. She has always taken charge of her career and recommends that others do the same to get ahead.

When in her final year of her HR Management degree - and in the middle of her dissertation - Sashelle felt the Management Business Scheme she was on at the time was too broad. She’d made up her mind she wanted to focus on HR and began to seek employee relations roles.

“I was turned down a lot: I had the qualification, but no experience. And although I’d worked in retail, I knew nothing about the office environment. So, my aim was to get that experience.”

Sashelle was finalising her dissertation when she was taken on in a part-time Office Administrator role at Hyde’s Stockwell office in 2010.

“I was already looking for the next step, so two months later when the Property Services Manager asked whether I wanted to take on additional duties I jumped at the opportunity.”

She went on to successfully secure a secondment for the role of Repairs Administrator where she honed her skills dealing with Stage 1 and 2 Complaints.

By then she’d completed her degree and was looking for an internship or volunteering opportunity within HR. Hyde’s HR Department at the London Bridge head office beckoned and she made enquiries about opportunities to work shadow.

“My manager was extremely supportive. I was invited for an informal interview where I was told I would need to learn the basics, so for six months I spent a couple of days a week with the HR team building up my knowledge.”

When an HR Officer role became available, Sashelle applied but her lack of experience meant she was not successful. “That didn’t stop me. I just put my mind to getting more work experience.”

Following the company’s reorganisation in 2012, she secured a role as Payroll and HR Administrator.

“I realised I needed to know more about employee relations, disciplinary procedures, managing grievances, managing absences and tribunal cases so once again asked if I could work shadow. For a year I sat with the Advisory Team every Friday and I applied to do a professional qualification - my CIPD Level 5.”

After another restructure, the role of Trainee HR Advisor came up. Sashelle had already been preparing, so was over the moon when she got the job. In 2016, she achieved her goal of becoming a fully-fledged HR Advisor before she was 30.

“Colleagues played a massive role in my career progression: they invested time in me, saw my potential, pushed me to get more exposure, and helped me build up my experience…I’m extremely grateful to everyone who opened doors for me.”

Sashelle is now working towards becoming an HR Business Partner. She’s looking to achieve her CIPD Chartered Diploma, and is signing up for her Master’s.

“You don’t need to wait on anyone to move your career along. Map out where you want to go with your career. It’s all up to you; Hyde has made it easy for you to take control of your own career development. 

“It’s all at your fingertips. Use whatever tools are available such as ‘My Career Builder’, which is an excellent resource available to everyone. Train, work shadow, get mentored, do whatever it takes…”

Sashelle feels lucky to work for an organisation like Hyde, whose training and development opportunities are second to none.

“I’ve grown up with Hyde, it’s helped raise me. That’s what it feels like. And I love my team; it’s like my family that wants the best for me. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who want to share their knowledge, and I, in turn, want to do the same.”

What career advice would she give to other young people?

“Don’t limit yourself, really - anything is possible. Don’t be discouraged when you’re turned down - use those experiences to drive yourself harder. Stay positive. In an organisation like Hyde it’s possible to achieve your dreams.”

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