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Jake Le Page, Head of Safer Homes

Hyde sees the value in people; they have seen the value in me, giving me the confidence to try new things. Hyde is always evolving and this creates a stimulating work environment.

Jake Le Page


Jake joined our Peterborough office in October 2008 straight from university as part of the Graduate Management Trainee Scheme offered at the time.

This meant he was able to work in different departments – including resident services and property services - to gain valuable housing experience and was mentored by a very supportive MD. During that time he also worked with senior management and on communications and PR, even interviewing the Group CEO.

Jake is pleased to work for an organisation with a good social/commercial balance: “If there was no social element, I don’t think it would suit who I am and what motivates me.”

Jake’s next step in his career progression came in 2009 when he secured a permanent role as an assistant surveyor. For two years he worked alongside surveyors doing inspections and engaging with residents whilst studying for his Masters in Management sponsored by Hyde.

In 2011 Jake was seconded to our office in Brent, NW London as a lead surveyor.

“This was really good experience for me; learning on the job and stepping up, using skills from my work in Peterborough, but now in a completely different setting. It was an interesting challenge and fitted perfectly my plans to eventually move to London.”

Following Hyde’s re-organisation in 2013, Jake was made Surveying Team Leader within Responsive Repairs. The responsibility of line managing six surveyors covering London was a significant career move. With steadfast support from management across Hyde, Jake carried out this role for just over year.

Then an opportunity arose for him to focus on legal disrepair cases. This is when residents seek to take legal action against Hyde for repairs they claim have not been carried out.

This meant taking on a role which previously didn’t exist. Jake had to design Hyde’s entire approach to disrepairs, including creating internal process which, over time, were formalised into proper policies and procedures. He also spent time building relationships and liaising with solicitors to put together cases to defend Hyde.

“I was pleased to get this opportunity and was well supported in this role. It elevated me to an entirely different level of interaction within the organisation. Reporting directly to senior management teams increased my visibility and fitted more with what I wanted to achieve in my career plan.”

Jake says he’s always worked with great people and has never been held back: “Hyde sees the value in people; they have seen the value in me. This has given me the confidence to try new things. Hyde is always evolving and this creates a stimulating environment to work in.”

In 2015 Jake became Contract Manager, Special Projects in Property Service’s Stock Investment Team.

“Again, this was a great opportunity for me to create something new from scratch; I saw a lot of similarities to how I approached disrepair, so I could use some of the skills I learnt there.”

Since April 2017 Jake has been working as Fire Safety TaskForce lead, leading and managing teams to carry out a number of fire safety checks and fire safety works on a number of our tall buildings. 

“My advice to those wanting to have a career at Hyde is to network and make the most of every opportunity. It’s important to get known; you never know when that could come in handy. Get involved in projects, not just those in your team or your office.

“Don’t hold back or assume you can’t do something; you can use your skills in many different ways.”

Overall, Jake is grateful to Hyde for offering a place on the graduate scheme, and is pleased with the direction his career has taken since then. “Ultimately I want my career to progress: I want to be able to contribute at a strategic level. Senior management is where I see myself going.”

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