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Prospect House and Hicks House - building safety

We’ll be posting the latest news for Prospect House and Hicks House, Bermondsey customers here, so please bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the work we’re doing to keep everyone safe.

Latest update - 23 May 2022

We’re pleased to let customers know that Prospect House and Hicks House both received a B1 rating in their EWS1 assessment. We’ve emailed a copy of the EWS1 form to all homeowners, and these are also available for download on our EWS1 forms page.

We're working with Mears to agree on final snagging works, so it will still be onsite for the time being.

Project - What we are doing

We are removing and replacing the cladding and insulation at Prospect House and Hicks House, as well as carrying out internal fire safety works to improve compartmentation and replace timber in the internal courtyard area.

Following recent guidance, we are also investigating and confirming that the brick parts of the external wall systems are safe. We will carry out any remedial action if required.

We have nearly finished our cladding and insulation replacement works and now need to replace 35 of the spandrel panels. We expect this work to be completed by November 2021.

Prospect House and Hicks House customers will remain in their homes while these works take place.

Waking watch

We removed the waking watch on 7 May 2021 and the evacuation strategy reverted to ‘stay put’.

If you are alerted to a fire, there are different actions you should take depending on the location of the fire:

  • Fire in your flat: Leave your flat, closing all doors behind you and call 999
  • Fire in common areas: Only leave the building if you are in that area
  • Fire in another flat or another part of the building: Stay in your flat.

If you’re not directly affected by the fire, you can stay in your flat unless directed otherwise by the emergency services.


We started replacing the spandrel panels on 5 October 2021 with works concluding in December 2021.

Download a copy of your building’s fire risk assessment

You can download a copy of the latest fire risk assessment for Prospect House (PDF, 9.2MB) or fire risk assessment for Hicks House (PDF, 10MB).

Your building’s fire risk assessment may include some actions, which we will complete by the due date stated.

Get in touch

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