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Grainger House, Tees House and Price House - building safety

We’ll be posting the latest news for Grainger House, Tees House and Price House, Chichester customers here, so please bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on the work we’re doing to keep everyone safe.

Latest update - 24 June 2022

Drew Smith's contractor, Broadsword Fire Protections finalised the fire stopping works to the communal area doors including riser cupboards, corridor doors, and doors within the common areas. We are continuing the fire stopping works around your home’s front door. If you haven't scheduled in your appointment please let us know your preferred days and times by emailing us at

We’re also continuing to engage with the Fire Service and the Chichester District Council.

Changes to the waking watch provider
We changed our service provider for the waking watch in your building. The patrol was handed over from Savills to Just Ask Services on Monday 9 May.

Fire marshals will continue to patrol the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will conduct hourly checks and in the event of a fire, they will assist the fire brigade to ensure you can safely evacuate. Just Ask estate patrols are monitored in real time using GPS technology, allowing us to ensure the safest service for our customers.

Please remember that your building has a temporary ‘simultaneous evacuation’ strategy. So, if you’re alerted to a fire, you must evacuate the building immediately.

Project: What we are doing

We will be rectifying any issues in the external wall systems, compartmentation and fire doors identified in the inspections. The developer Drew Smith will support us in carrying out this work.

Waking watch

To make sure our residents are safe, we have had to change the evacuation strategy at Grainger House, Tees House and Price House from ‘stay put’ to ‘simultaneous evacuation’. We have also introduced a waking watch to patrol the building and raise the alarm if a fire is discovered. The waking watch notifies the fire service and coordinates the evacuation of residents who need additional help.

Find out what to do in the event of a fire.

We are continuously reviewing this and will remove the waking watch and revert back to the original ‘stay put’ policy as soon as it is safe to do so.


We will update customers with a programme of works once a contractor has been appointed.

Download a copy of your building’s fire risk assessment

You can download a copy of the latest fire risk assessment (FRA) for your building by clicking on the building name in list below:

Any actions in the fire risk assessment will be completed by the due date stated.

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