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Free online help with jobs and benefits

BetterOff Hyde is an online tool that allows you to check your entitlement to benefits including Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payments.

You can complete benefit applications and appeal forms and the service can even work out how much better off you could be by calculating your entitlements. There’s a job search tool and a journal that helps you prove to the job centre that you’re actively looking for employment. There's also and advice and help section if you have questions about looking for work or money and debt.

To carry out a benefit assessment go to BetterOff Hyde and choose the ‘Your money’ panel from the home page.

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  • Common questions about BetterOff Hyde

    What is BetterOff?

    • BetterOff is a free online service especially for Hyde residents, which focuses on benefits and employment.

    Does it cost anything to use?

    • No – BetterOff is completely free to use.

    How do I access it?

    • Through any of the BetterOff links on this page.

    Can I get any help using it?

    • Yes – call Hyde Foundation on 0800 030 4424 and a member of our team can assist you.

    What help does BetterOff offer?

    • It’s easy to use to find out which benefits you are entitled to and you can apply for them straight away. The site offers lots of resources to help you manage your money too. There’s a good section that can support you to search for and apply for jobs and BetterOff even records your job search activity, so you can provide this as evidence to the Job Centre.

    Do you have to be a Hyde resident to use BetterOff?

    • Yes – this tool is especially for Hyde residents.

    What is the average amount I could gain by using BetterOff?

    • Household income increased by on average more than £100 a week. That’s almost £5,500 a year extra for those who used this site.

See also our money and debt advice booklet (PDF, 2.63MB) for tenants.

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