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HRE late 2017 Inspection – Empty homes and lettings

Hydewide Residents Eye (Hyde’s resident-led inspection committee) are now onto their third inspection of 2017. This time they are looking into our Empty Homes and Lettings service. This service manages the process of getting people signed up to our tenancies and moved into their new homes.

The aim of this inspection will be to:

  • Review lettings communications, including the moving in pack – to make sure residents have all they need to start their tenancy and manage their new home
  • Make sure that we are communicating effectively the move to bring more services online
  • Make sure that any residents not online are referred to digital inclusion projects if they wish
  • Ensure that communications around rent payments are clear and timely
  • Explore our approach for tackling tenancy fraud within the new resident services
  • Explore resident satisfaction around the condition of properties and make sure that residents know what to expect when they move in

The result of this HRE inspection will be a set of recommendations for improvements that HRE feel need to be made to this service.

As always, HRE are keen to get more residents involved – this helps to make sure inspections are an open and transparent process and that feedback is gained from a wide variety of people. Opportunities for residents to get involved in this inspection include:

  • Carrying out telephone interviews with residents who have just moved
  • Online and paper surveys
  • Shadowing sign-ups

The inspection will begin on 8 November and will finish on 22 November so all activities will take place somewhere in-between these dates. If you would potentially like to be involved in this inspection, please contact the Resident Engagement Team on

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