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What happens when you swap your home


  • What happens when you receive my application?

    When we receive your application, we will arrange a time to inspect your home with you. The exchanging tenant will also be invited to attend, and we will invite you to attend the inspection of the property you want to go to, if it is a Hyde property.

    We will check for any alterations, repairs or damage that may become the responsibility of the incoming tenant, or which may need to be fixed before you move. As this is a visual inspection while your home is occupied other items may become apparent once the property is empty.

    We will then write to you with our findings and tell you about any improvements or damage which you will become responsible for if the exchange goes ahead.

    If you are moving to another Hyde property we will ask you to sign to agree that you take responsibility for any alterations, repairs or damage we may have found. You must ensure you are able to repair or replace these if necessary in the future before you sign.

    You will also become responsible for clearance of any items left in the property by the previous tenants.

  • Are there any other conditions?

    Yes. Before the exchange can go ahead:

    • You must be up to date with your rent payments. You will not be able to exchange if you have rent arrears
    • You must have no history of causing a nuisance or anti-social behaviour
    • Your home must be in good condition

    If you want to exchange with the tenant of another housing association or council we will have to provide a written reference for your tenancy to them. They will do the same for their tenant.

  • Could my application be refused?

    We will not unreasonably refuse an application for a mutual exchange. However, we may refuse if:

    • One of the homes would be overcrowded or under-occupied
    • We are taking legal action to repossess your home or the home you want to swap with
    • The exchange would mean that a home adapted for elderly or disabled people would have nobody living in it who needs the adaptation
    • We have served you with a Notice of Seeking Possession

    Please note this is not an exhaustive list. For full details of all the grounds for refusal please contact your Housing Officer.

    It is illegal to pay anyone to persuade them to exchange tenancies with you.

    If you are a joint tenant, we must have the written permission of all joint tenants.

  • When will you make your decision?

    By law, we must make a decision within 42 days of receiving your completed application form. However, the actual date of the exchange of homes is subject to completion of essential gas safety checks.

    If we refuse your application, we will write to you within 42 days of receiving your application to explain why we have refused and tell you how you can appeal.

  • What happens after my application is approved?
    • We will carry out gas and electrical safety checks before you move out and gas and electricity checks for the incoming tenant.
    • We will arrange an office appointment for all parties to sign the assignment documents.
    • We will arrange for the exchange to take place on a date which is suitable for everyone involved.

Find out more about eligibility for home exchange and the next mutual exchange events on our swapping your home page.

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